Bleeding Hearts

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The Exceptional Infinite

I went to bed last night at 8pm.  This is very unusual for me, but I think I know why.  I was exhausted, emotionally and physically.  For months now, I’ve been writing non-stop on here, hoping for change.  I woke up at 2:10am this morning, came downstairs, and caught up on some reading.  I go to work at 6am, and I knew I wouldn’t be falling back asleep.  There was something more to all of this though.  My subconscious was well aware of something.

Two years ago, I woke up to the phone ringing.  It was 3:30am in the morning.  I knew exactly why the phone rang and what it meant.  I wasn’t at my house, I was up at my parents house in Pennsylvania.  That phone ringing meant only one thing.  My mother passed away.

She was on hospice in her home, and my father was taking care of…

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ALL Flowers Are Red?

I was reminded today of a dinner I attended a few weekends ago. I was out with two of my closest colleagues and we were celebrating the retirement of the eldest. These are always joyous and sad events, but this one was sadder than usual.  You see, we wouldn’t have been celebrating at all if education was as it should be.  The eldest IS an amazing teacher and was pushed out of the profession too early.

The this link was sent to me today.

The song reminds me of a sign I have on my desk.  

 I love being different!  Different is best and not fitting in is perfect!  I hate being asked by students, “am I doing this right,” or “is this how you want it?”  I answer these questions with questions like, are you doing it right,” or is that how you want it?”  I hope you enjoyed the song. Think about what we need to do so more people can see all the colors in the rainbow.