ALL Flowers Are Red?

I was reminded today of a dinner I attended a few weekends ago. I was out with two of my closest colleagues and we were celebrating the retirement of the eldest. These are always joyous and sad events, but this one was sadder than usual.  You see, we wouldn’t have been celebrating at all if education was as it should be.  The eldest IS an amazing teacher and was pushed out of the profession too early.

The this link was sent to me today.

The song reminds me of a sign I have on my desk.  

 I love being different!  Different is best and not fitting in is perfect!  I hate being asked by students, “am I doing this right,” or “is this how you want it?”  I answer these questions with questions like, are you doing it right,” or is that how you want it?”  I hope you enjoyed the song. Think about what we need to do so more people can see all the colors in the rainbow.


One thought on “ALL Flowers Are Red?

  1. manker says:

    I love the song. I feel this not only applies to the kids but teachers as well, just as you believe. We as teacher suffer the depression of thinking we don’t know what we are doing any longer, but truly it is the kids of today that are missing out. I am so thankful my own children are through the first 12 yrs. It does scare me to think of how things are going to continue to go down hill in all areas of education and teaching. Making learning fun was being creative, but fun is now a four letter word in schools hence no creativity just uniformity.

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