Todd Farley Explains “Aholistic Education”

Aholistic! I love it! Last paragraph is the icing on the cake.

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Todd Farley wrote a terrific book about his 15 years inside the standardized testing industry. It is called “Making the Grades.” It is an exposé of serial, institutionalized malpractice.

Here he responds to an opinion piece that appeared in the Néw York Times defending standardized testing.

Farley writes:

Aholistic Education

“​In what may be the most ridiculous thing ever uttered about the benefits of standardized testing (and the competition is fierce), the author of a February op-ed in The New York Times wrote that a reason to continue with annual yearly testing in grades 3-8 was because those tests “allow for a much more nuanced look at student performance.” Of course the guy did work for an organization funded by the Gates Foundation (surprise!), but you still had to admire his chutzpah: He didn’t just say standardized testing allowed for a “nuanced” looked at student performance (ha!), the op-ed’s writer…

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Unofficial DE Assessment Inventory

Since Delaware teachers know what assessments really inform learning and add to the educational conversation with parents and other stakeholders, please post here:

1. Five assessments you administered or proctors do this past year.

2. Rate them 1 to 5. 1: being no impact on your teaching/classroom contact at all. 5: being students understand their grade, can explain it to another person correctly, and they know what they need to do to improve.  


Where is the creativity in Delaware public schools?


“Somehow we allow it to evanesce.
Allowing our creative space,
to be replaced,
with unnecessary knowledge,
and fevered haste.

No more day dreaming about a gorgeous full moon,
or concert performances over a blue lagoon.
No creating your own superhero world,
or casually talking to that dyslexic squirrel Earl.

The imagination has been deemed surplus.
Apparently time in your own heads,
isn’t for commoners like us.
Only knowing what time to catch the graveyard bus,
and the lifeless droll,
of soulless dust.”©


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Real Learning is a Creative Process

Education is a creative process.

Creative by Nature

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.”    ~Albert Einstein


Real and meaningful learning is a creative process. Skills and knowledge cannot be downloaded like computer software, they must be acquired and mastered– through long-term application, experimentation and effort.

Those who have studied successful skill mastery describe a common process that is followed, one that requires practice, effort, patience and deep concentration. This is as true for basketball, chemistry and guitar playing as it is for cooking, painting, karate, engineering, parenting and brain surgery.

Take the example of language learning. All children are born with the natural ability to…

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The Real Agenda of “So-Called” Education Reform

If you do not follow this blog, please do so now. This is the agenda is Delaware. This is the death of the American Dream. Kill creativity, power, hope, faith and you win! When civilizations conquer others they kill the men, in pregnant the women, burn the books, and destroy the art! To transform, change the books (SBAC, common core) and art ( art teachers teaching reading and math) and you win!

Creative by Nature

 “What if I told you that the hidden agenda of those controlling public education policy has actually been… to snuff out young people’s natural creativity, curiosity, independence, freedom of thinking and love of learning?”


For a long time now, we’ve been told by our leaders and the media that our nation’s education problems are caused by bad teachers, low expectations, lazy students and/or unclear national standards. They tell us that by setting higher standards, making school more rigorous, testing students frequently and then firing “bad” teachers we will be able to “fix” our schools.

To put it bluntly, this is nothing but a Big Lie. What if I told you that the hidden agenda of those controlling public education policy has actually been to crush innovation, make children more obedient, force teachers to “dull & dumb down” their instruction, and do whatever else is needed in order to snuff out young people’s natural creativity, curiosity, independence, freedom of thinking and love of learning?

How could this be so? It is so…

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What Exactly Is…. SJR 2?

I will not participate in this pointless activity. No amount of money will change my mind.


Smarter Balanced Assessments

If you had antifreeze poured into 7 ounce cups and placed each on the table to the top right of plates filled with cookies, cups and candy,  and upon a complaint, …. said we will do a study of all drinks being given to kids……. you will get the idea of what SJR 2 really is……

It does nothing for those kids who drink the antifreeze, fall to the floor screaming and writhing, holding their stomachs as the intense wretchings begin,. tears and looks of horror on their faces, as the bowels go haywire trying to rid the body of its poison….. Meanwhile Earl Jacques and Dave Sokola are gathering groups of people to take inventory of all drinks available to children in every district, and tabulate all the pros and cons of each form of liquid…..

Meanwhile we have Jonestown in all our school cafeterias…. and yes, most of them…

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Rep. Jaques Wants To Limit Power At DOE With Educator Evaluation System In House Joint Resolution #6

I added a comment to this post, but no one else has commented. Teachers need to comment on this. A huge problem with DOE and the General Assembly is their lack of knowledge in the field of education. WE need to share what we go through daily so problems can be fixed for the good of everyone.

The Exceptional Infinite

House Joint Resolution #6, introduced today by Delaware State Rep. Earl Jaques would limit the Delaware Department of Education’s ability to implement changes in the DPAS-II Educator Evaluation System.  I need all teachers to tell me if this is good or bad!

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