Free E-Book about Teacher Who Refuses Test

Get a free book to add to your summer reading list!

I already read it!  It was good and fast, the perfect book!  I teared up a few times.  I think it gives a good inside look at how these tests effect students and teachers.  I also think the public will see a side of teachers that cannot be shared in the classroom or to the public.  A great read a free today ONLY!

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You can download this e-book today. It is free today only. It was written by a Florida teacher using a pseudonym.

“This book is a way for me to come to some sense of understanding with the testing culture. I think parents, teachers, and students will relate to the experience of the characters in the book. It fully depicts the scenario of an opt out student and I wrote it geared to young adults (6th to 12th grade).

“Synopsis: In the story, a favorite teacher, Ms. Sandy, gets fed up during a state test and walks out of her classroom and career forever. The readers follow along with the students and fellow teachers as they try to make sense of Ms. Sandy’s actions, and as they discover her secret: she is a badass teacher with a ton of important information about testing. In the end, the community comes together to…

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