Peter Greene: The American Way is the Hard Way

I love this! The American Way is the hard way! So we ALL need to get involve and fight for what we believe in!

Diane Ravitch's blog

Peter Greene writes that what makes America special is that we do things the hard way, not the easy way.

The hard way is democracy. The hard way is to discuss and debate and protect the voices of dissenters.

He writes:

“When it comes to running a country, the easiest way to do it is to put one guy in charge and let him tell everybody how to do everything. He can be picked by heredity or tradition or power or wealth; he can be installed by a committee of Important People, or by the roar of the crowd, or even a legitimate-ish election. But the important part– the easy part– is that once you have him installed, you just let him run everything. No debates. no discussions, no big arguments about What To Do Next– just let your Grand High Potentatial Poohbah decide it all…,

“We have always been…

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