Deconstructing The Myths of Governor Markell’s Veto Of House Bill 50

Art has never and will never be a one size fits all kinda class and it kills me to see our leaders in Delaware, locally and nationally, taking away the individuality in public schools. No child is one size fits all, so why should tests be “universal.” And if tests are the end all, be all in education, then why should teachers go to college to teach, or be Delaware teacher certified, or pass the PRAXIS, or have a professional evaluation system. Let’s really save money, delete the above and just TEACH TO THE TEST!!!  I need to paint something before I explode….

The Exceptional Infinite

Delaware Governor Jack Markell took his stand on the opt-out bill today and vetoed it.  But he didn’t stop there, from the looks of it he went on a press junket to collect quotes from all the Kool-Aid drinkers in Delaware.  Especially the sell-out traitor from Milford, but I’ll get to that one later.  For something this big, I have to give my thoughts on the utter stupidity and lack of understanding of the Governor and his reformer friends.

Governor Vetoes Opt-Out Bill, Signs Legislation to Reduce Testing for All Students

Date Posted: Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Considering I know for a fact he didn’t receive the bill until this morning, he sure had a lot of time to put all this together and collect all these quotes and come up with a three page statement to the House of Representatives.

Emphasizes importance of annual statewide assessment for improving schools…

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