A sink…

You know with all this talk about testing, common core, opting-out, it makes it very easy to focus on policy and papers and not on other, obvious issues in education.  It can be like the smoke screens sent up to hide poverty as the number one issue effecting schools today.

I have a new job that I am starting in the fall, and one of my classrooms, I am at two schools, has no sink….  No sink?  I am an art teacher and I have no sink?  Wow, in an era where we can communicate in a second to anywhere in the world, I have a classroom with no sink.  The administrator was somewhat embarrassed when they told me and the actual art room, which currently has a grade level classroom in it, may be mine before the school year starts.

I am not upset.  I have done the bucket brigade before.  I am, however, very impressed that my new administration is working on getting me a classroom with a sink.  With a few room changes I may be in the REAL ART ROOM, but think about it.  Last year, the art teacher at this school did not have a sink and had not had a sink for many years.   HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

This reality goes with the fact then many of our students have no food to eat, but have 300 or so television channels to watch.  Or our parents have 5 numbers on the blue card that do not work, but they update their Facebook account every night.

Policy, regulations, and law are important, but if the basic necessities are not provided to our students and teachers, the paper doesn’t mean a damn thing!

It is amazing the times we are in.  One minute I feel like I am in the dark ages and the next I am in the future.  What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully, a phone call from my administrator saying I have a SINK! 🙂


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