Vision 2025: A Vision without the Arts!

Here is Delaware’s next big thing in Education, “a bold 10-year plan for public education.” I have copied the email I received into a word document attached below.  All the information is there except for the images.  There is not one mention of the arts or creativity in any way.  Also, I am interested in this event so I went to register.  It is on September 16th, a Wednesday at 10AM!  It that on purpose, so teachers cannot go! You would think that an educational plan that could affect education for the next 10 years would be made accessible to teachers!

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What Matters Most in Education: Human Relationships

Diane Ravitch's blog

I don’t know why we have to keep rediscovering the wheel in education. I guess it’s because the reformers keep imposing bad ideas that teachers know will not work and that violate their professional ethics that it becomes necessary to repeat again and again what used to be common knowledge.

Bill Boyle wrote a lovely reflection on the key ingredients in the classroom: human relationships and affection.

Big data can’t take the place of a caring teacher.

He writes:

“I continue to wonder, why do we attempt to impose technocratic solutions on contexts such as education that require the nexus of human relationships? To be more specific, why do use a market driven model of corporate education reform imposed from the top that uses data abstracted from context?

“It’s kind of like arguing for a first down in the game of basketball.”

He quotes the poet Wendell Berry, who said,

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