Invest in Children, Not Testing. It’s That Simple.

Wonderfully written. Mentioning a good old boy Hattie and for those of you who know me and worked with me in the past. I still have night mares about “effect size.” šŸ˜‚

Creative by Nature

ā€œThe best schools keep their eye on the prizeā€”the kidsā€”not just whether they are pleasing higher civil authorities. They see the job of adults as one of nurturing intelligence and empathy, openness to the world, while cherishing their childrenā€™s uniqueness. They stay close to families, and see teachers and parents as allies not adversaries.ā€ ~Deborah Meier

kids drawing

Here is what the research tells us: We donā€™t need more money for state testing and national standards, what is needed is greaterĀ investment in successful teaching approaches, support services and innovativeĀ programs, so that high quality learning opportunitiesĀ can be provided to all children.

Provide money for skilledĀ teachers, support staff, dental and medical care, books, school trips, community building, lunch programs, artsĀ programs, sports programs and whole school reform- not for Pearson, PARCC, privateĀ charter school investors and Common Core.

Decades of research hasĀ shownĀ that solutions to education problems areĀ not unknown orĀ complicated, theyĀ just require a shift ofĀ priorities, and aĀ willingnessĀ toā€¦

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One thought on “Invest in Children, Not Testing. It’s That Simple.

  1. June Krinsky-Rudder says:

    Thanksā€¦I shared this article on FB. Itā€™s ridiculous that we need to keep stating the obvious, but it still needs to be said (frequently). At some point, ā€˜the powers that beā€™ might remember that school should be about the students. That might happen when the standardized test folks have made enough money to be satisfiedā€¦should I hold my breath? >

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