Proud to be a Senator!

Today was the district wide get together for the Capital School District.  All school districts that I know of have this event to start each school year, a motivational “We Rock!” before the first day with kids. Being new to the district, it was awesome for two reasons.  

1. Students were part of the event.  The drum line performed, the ROTC presented the colors, and the choir sang the National Anthem.  They were wonderful and it made sense.  We teach, why would students not be involved somehow.

2. The speakers spoke from their hearts.  They were genuine, real, and not rehearsed.  I felt comfortable, calm, ready to move forward.  And one sentence spoken repeatedly really sat well with me, “what is best for our kids?” It is an easy question reallt, but the Delaware Educational System makes it ssssssoooooooo hard.  My administrator said that the event was very “grassroots.”  And it was, and as it should be.  We the people… We are a family, a team, and it truly felt that way.  
There is always an opportunity for change in new beginnings.  The music was great, but I didn’t see any art….  An opportunity for ME!!!!

I am proud to be a Senator!!!


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