Kids say the darndest things! 

For those of you who know me.  My name is Mrs. Long.  Nothing fancy; just Long.  I have people ask me all the time, “how do you spell that?” Long, just Long.  

Well, I was teaching a kindergarten class, the first time I had saw these students.  One student was looking at me funny.  I said, ” are you okay?”  He said, ” You know, your not very long for being named Mrs.Long.”  With this statement, he gestured up and down vertically with his hands like he was outlining the edges of a piece of lumber.  

I paused and stared. 

I am not very long, 5’7″, but I am not short.  I am most definitely not straight like a board, not the classic hour glass either, but definitely not lumpy and bumby like an oversized caterpillar.  I am thinking of the one on “A Bug’s Life.”  Not him at all.  

I wasn’t sure , but I swear that kid called me fat without using those words.  I smiled holding back my laugh and said, ” yes your right, I am not long.  That just happens to be my name.”  The kid said, ” okay.” And on with class we went.  Kids say the darndest things! 

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