New Way Of Portraying Educational Results

Also great article about data! I think we all should use the “KC” when completing our evaluations.


One of the most interesting thing about receiving tons of data, is that it opens ones eyes to inconsistencies and errors in ones old interpretations and previous accounting methods.

For example.  I too was guilty years ago of looking at scores listed in the News Journal each time educational decisions came up and saying “wow, that’s a really good school” or “wow, that’s really terrible… ”

That primarily is because I was full of trust regarding whatever I was told.  I assumed it was done on good authority and that the results were scientifically accurate to within a certain margin of error…  After all… why would anyone, want to skew data to make a bad school look good?  Or a good school look bad?  .. Back then it was inconceivable to think anyone would ever want to do so…

But we had very limited data.  In honesty, we pulled the News Journal page…

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