Restoring the Soul of the World

Life is not designed to be filled with piles of paperwork and endless professional development videos. PDMS anyone?

Creative by Nature

10929146_601207263343546_702154362304936281_nWe have the greatest technological knowledge of any civilization, but we have forgotten what it means to be alive in the world, to be alive in a living universe. Yet without this living connection to the world, our lives become trivial, routine, and mechanical.

Being cut off, we start to wonder about the meaning of life and raise other abstract questions, while meaning itself is an experience of being bonded to the world and others at the very deepest level…

When we experience the deeply moving beauty of the Earth seen from space and intuitively realize that all life is bound together, facing a common fate, we automatically sense ourselves as participants in life’s tapestry, not as disembodied spectators.

The idea that nature possesses a living intelligence is not something of just historical or academic interest; I wrote this book out of my strongly held belief that…

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