Graphs for everything?  

Exceptional Delaware, here is a thought for you.  Should we show everything in the form of a graph?  

Last week, I was walking down the hall in my school building and I notice graphs outside classroom doors.  Schedules make sense, but graphs… Printed, in color, and laminated….. graphs at each door, all the same colors….

So, I went in for a closer look and , “o NO,” went through my head.  These are test scores….  No names, or raw scores, but percentages, taller bars to shortest bars, and in different colors.  Green for above. And yellow for below.  Why yellow; that is my favorite color.  And you know m……. the teachers name.  Not on the graph, but on the door so beautifully decorated….

Then i felt really bad, what if this was my door… (I teach art, no graphs for me this year)  I spent time money and effort to invite people to my class and I have a graph with a lot of yellow…….. So I looked at the other graphs.  I would rather be that teacher, over there…..

How many parents, students, visitors see these graphs and think what I just did?  Why are we doing this stuff? And all for what, test scores……

Graphs are NOT for everything and shouldn’t be display anywhere. 

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