Looking for the positive…

I was shocked that Wilmington has been labeled “Murdertown,” and now a tv show featuring Jada Smith may be filmed in Wilmington. 

Bad, but good for the arts, if the series is popular and continues for sometime.  This tv series could bring jobs and money to Delaware and a renewed need for arts programs in our state.  Let’s hope the best comes of this for the sake of our children.

We the people, for the people doesn’t seem to be important. 

Delaware received an F on this assessment, 48th in the nation, with no state getting over a C.  With education so focused on meeting standards, communicating with parents, and keeping computerized records up to date so everyone knows what is going in everywhere. Why is our government the complete opposite?  Check out this article. http://www.publicintegrity.org/2015/11/09/18357/delaware-gets-f-grade-2015-state-integrity-investigation