How We Transformed Our School

Art, music, and PE are the heart of a school. Always have been and always will be.

Diane Ravitch's blog

This teacher posted an answer to reader Alice’s question: What do we do after we win? He describes how teachers transformed his school, using their ingenuity, their professional wisdom, and their knowledge of the students. The successful school was torpedoed by the “reform movement.” But the model sounds awfully smart.

He writes:

I began teaching in 1965 at The #1 school in our district that slowly changed as the city moved north. Then I moved to the HS 2 blocks away….27 years of challenging but rewarding teaching. Then moved on to a middle school in the socio economically deprived SE part of town. Kids attendance was poor, behavior was worse. Community wanted the best for the kids but didn’t have the resources and the principal was unresponsive. Then we got a new, inspired, caring, skilled principal who had enough insight to give his faculty an open hand in developing curricula…

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