Be Proactive: Find the Leader in You

I currently work at a Leader In Me school and worked at one in the past.  Leader In Me is a schoolwide program focusing on overall human well being.  I really like the program and highly recommend googling it and getting books on the topic.  Society would be better if more adults adopted this life changing program.  Below is my favorite habit.  Please do more research if this sounds good for you. 

Overview: There are 7 habits to live your life by and if you can use all of them, your life will be more successful and rewarding.

Favorite: Habit 1: Be Proactive!  This is by far my favorite habit and the most important step in life’s journey.  “I am in charge of me!”  No one in this world can make me mad, sad, happy, or angry without my consent.  I have control. I can change my life. I can do the right thing no matter what.  I can solve my own problems. I can change the world.  

Being proactive is a mind set that very few people have.  It isn’t selfish.  It isn’t overbearing or controlling. It is the realization that I choose my path in life. I do not choose everyone else’s path, just my own.  I can change my fate. 

Being proactive is hard.  It is easier to be a victim.  To have others do for us.  To ask for help. Most times help isn’t needed, it is preferred. Many want others to solve their problems, but no one knows what we really want. I may not know what I really want and I will never find out unless I figure it out.  But it is easier to take what I am given.  It is easier to do what I am told even if that means I will never really know.  Know what?  The truth.  The truth about myself.  What I like. What I am good at.  What I want to do in life.  What I am passionate about.  

Get up off your ass and do something, anything to say you have really lived a true honest life that is yours! This is the root of habit 1.

Once you can think in a proactive way, the other habits fall into place and life becomes so much brighter…

A new solution for “my stuff”

I am a traveling teacher.  I usually do have a classroom to use, but I teach in two different schools.  This means that twice a week I go from one school to the other and then back again.  That is a lot of moving.  

I am a teacher, an art teacher, to be specific so I have a lot of stuff.  How am I to get my stuff from one building to the next in one piece.  My solution was a wheelie cart. The old fashion looking ones that are shaped like a box with a long handle you tilt and pull behind you.  It worked, but at Christmas I had to add a buggie cord because a hinge pin came out and last week I lost another one.  This wheelie cart would only last till the end of the year and I didn’t want to buy one each year.  So I started my search for a new solution.

I decided on a toolbox that cost only 5 dollars more than the wheelie cart and it is sure to last longer and ” my stuff” will not get wet. 

TThis is the whole tool box. 

Here is the top box, minus the little removable tray that is empty. 

Here is the bottom box with all my paper work. 

Here they are in my car, side by side waiting for my next school.  This was a great find and the perfect solution! 

Lessons of a Turtle

I just bought this book and I live it!  For those who know me, turtles are my favorite animal.  They symbolize so much me and about me that I love!  The three pages that meant so much my first time reading. 

 My mom just had surgery and is still in rehab… I started to cry.

Could not have said that any better.  I love turtles!!!!!  But the book, you’ll love it! 

Sign the petition!   Demand Funding For Delaware K-3 Basic Special Education Students

Please send the petition in support of special education!

The Delaware Special Education nightmare has gone on long enough.  Years ago, Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed a bill to give extra funding for special education students.  With categories such as basic, complex and intensive, this unit-based funding model allots funds based on the number of special education categories there are in each grade at […]

Where are the people? 

Today were school board elections for three school districts in Kent county Delaware.  Unfortunately, I do not live in any of the districts, but if I did I would have voted.  Why didn’t others vote? 

Capital had about 500 voters, CR about 800, and Lake only around 300 people cared about their local schools.  These are unofficial estimates, but WOW!  Where are the people? 

Our US constitution starts with, “We the people.”  Well, if the people don’t vote, don’t say their peace, don’t share their opinion, we are destined to fail as a nation. 

No wonder big business is running everything.  Wake up people! Vote! Participate! Make a stand! Have an opinion and make it matter! 

The arts are alive in Delaware!!!!   The Sound Of Angels

So I’m driving around earlier today putting up campaign signs.  I see one of my opponents has been very busy, so the hunt is on!  I’m driving by Dover High School and I see tons of cars there.  I decide to check it out.  If you have never been in Dover High School, the place […]

Proof That A Student’s Well-Being Is What Makes Them Smarter; Not A Horrible Balanced Assessment

Emerging studies presented recently at the American Educational Research Association national conference suggest new ways to emotionally support students during transitions—and how badly things can go wrong when students don’t feel supported. 2,119 students in 10 middle schools were interviewed across the country, with about 60 percent of students in poverty. Students who frequently distracted themselves, […]