A new solution for “my stuff”

I am a traveling teacher.  I usually do have a classroom to use, but I teach in two different schools.  This means that twice a week I go from one school to the other and then back again.  That is a lot of moving.  

I am a teacher, an art teacher, to be specific so I have a lot of stuff.  How am I to get my stuff from one building to the next in one piece.  My solution was a wheelie cart. The old fashion looking ones that are shaped like a box with a long handle you tilt and pull behind you.  It worked, but at Christmas I had to add a buggie cord because a hinge pin came out and last week I lost another one.  This wheelie cart would only last till the end of the year and I didn’t want to buy one each year.  So I started my search for a new solution.

I decided on a toolbox that cost only 5 dollars more than the wheelie cart and it is sure to last longer and ” my stuff” will not get wet. 

TThis is the whole tool box. 

Here is the top box, minus the little removable tray that is empty. 

Here is the bottom box with all my paper work. 

Here they are in my car, side by side waiting for my next school.  This was a great find and the perfect solution! 

2 thoughts on “A new solution for “my stuff”

  1. June Krinsky-Rudder says:

    Nice timing on this…there are probably a lot of art educators – even some who don’t move around so much – who will like this solution and can plan now for next year. I love the photos that illustrate your writing! Nice post!



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  2. Maureen Cannon says:

    Awesome solution, my friend! As a traveling band director, I KNOW the hassle. I finally found the perfect carry-all as well with roller-skate wheels at JoAnn fabrics. CAUTION: don’t load it too heavy. I ended up in PT for pulling it out of my car and twisting to put it on the ground! Now that I’m better…I’ve done it again! 😉

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