The end or the beginning…

I have two more days of school left and the kids are already done!!! Yes, I am a teacher and I love this time of year.  The end or maybe it’s the beginning…

I am a super organizer!  I went to dollar tree and walmart and bought all of these containers and bags to sort and organize all of my teaching stuff.  What do I toss because I am never going to use it?  What do I store?  And what do I bring home to work on over the summer?  Yes, we all work doing the summer, well at least the good ones do. 

Today I finished cleaning my second classroom.  Yes, I travel so I have twice the stuff to sort and organize!   I do love it!  

Tomorrow I start thinking completely about next year.  Do I need to change my classroom expectations?  What behavior system should I use?  Should both schools be the same or do I need to differentiate? (Yes, to the differentiate.). What can I do better?  What did my students like?  What did they hate?  Who do I need to reach?  What did I hate?  What do I need to buy?!!!!!!

Planning and organizing are my most favorite parts of being a teacher.  I also love the fresh start we get each year.  You can have a bad year and then try again until you get it right because teaching is a process, a journey through life that touches other lives.  

My job is hard, but I love it.  I build lives everyday.  I create the world one 45 minute class at a time.  How cool is that!  In two days, it’s the end and the beginning.  


I said this to someone the other day to help clarify their situation.  Seeking to understand them first and I really liked it and added a little to the end. 

When your team isn’t working as a team, it’s hard to be a team player and it’s even harder to take one for the team. 

I amaze myself all the time.