I am currently in my third week of a fellowship at DDOE.  If I were to characterize my experience so far in one word it would be “interesting.”

I am creative and curious by nature. Cats have nine lives and I pray I get more… Or at least live like I get more.  I push the envelope in strategic ways and shine light in places that seem lost in conversation.  I have learned that I am a strategic thinker with a disciplined mind eager to get the job done.  Wisdom gleaned from the book, ” Strengthfinder 2.0.”  I recommend it if you what to better yourself as an individual.  

For those that know me, these talents are a no brainer.  I believe they have served me well in the past and will help me in the future.  The future…. Where will opportunity present itself next?  

The DDOE has always been a nice ending spot in my mind for my career in public education.  My perspective has changed a bit and will probably continue to evolve over the next 3-4 weeks during this fellowship. 

Persoectively, it’s easy to make suggestions and criticize others from a far.  But when a point or vision or person is staring at you face to face in a position of power it’s different. The information looks very different, it feels very different.  It’s not an agenda or statement.  It’s a person, a name, a face, a passion, a lie, or a lingering feeling of confusion.  

Confusion… I feel it daily walking around at the DDOE.  I have a badge and a keycard to enter.  It’s somewhat surreal to see people on a regular basis who are talked about so often by others in public.  It is good?  Is it bad?  Unknown.

It’s different.  I am used to a classroom with kids coming and going; sharing a piece of their day with me and I with them.  Lately, I spend my days in a cubicle accepting calendar invites for meetings, organizing a large binder of information, and hoping that I at least sound like I know what I am talking about.  It this good?  It this bad?  Unknown.

Perspective is a funny thing.  However confusing, interesting, or funny; I do know that this perspective will increase my wisdom of Delaware education.  Wisdom that will be helpful wherever my future may lead.