Moser Family Tree

History is an amazing subject.  I wish our society know more about our history, maybe it would not repeat itself so much…

Well, I was searching online for resources for Professional Learning, part of my DDOE Fellowship work, and I stubbled onto the Daughters of the American Revolution website.  My dad mentioned that I was a daughter of the American Revolution when I was younger.  I never really thought about it until today.  So, I came home and asked my dad. (I am building a house so my family is living with my parents.)  He gave me a book that a relative was writing about our family.  I was amazed!

The first Moser found through research was in the 1400’s in Switzerland.  1400’s… That is a long  family tree!  

Michael Moser came to the new world in the late 1700’s on the ship James Goodin and it landed in Philly.  

There is a town in PA named after my family, Mosserville. 

And yes, I am a daughter of the American  Revolution.  I found the enlisting paper Michael Moser filled out to become part of the German Battlion in the American Army.  It is part of the National Archives  Collection. 

I have some papers that I need to fill out and send to Arden Moser, the man writing this book, about our family.  My dad has had them a year and never did anything with them.  

Just imagine the historical events my family has seen over the last 550 years!  The people we have touched.  The lives we have changed.  In America, my family is from PA and most of them were farmers and owned a lot of land.  

This is history. My history. Our history. I wish more Americans knew more about our American history.