The Hula Girl at DDOE

I have been working as a summer fellow for the past 5 weeks at DDOE. Every day I enter the office with four cubicles, one being mine and there she is.  The Hula Girl on the window sill doing her hula thing on sunny days.  

 I have been told someone who use to work in that office left her when they moved on.  I thought, what an amazing writing prompt.  So, give it a try…

Who is the hula girl? And how did she end up in a 3rd floor window at DDOE? 

Review Delaware Regulations Now!

Delaware is giving the public a chance to review current regulations.  I have seen the book of current Delaware  regulations and it is HUGE!  An excellent example of too much regulation.  Now, we the people, can have a say if regulations are deleted, continued, or changed.  Participate in the process!

 Click here for online firm.

Click here for regulations being updated.