Let’s Fill The Gaps! 

Why doesn’t government focus on filling the gaps in society, specifically education? Elected officials need to focus on the gaps, not the whole system. 

For example, education starts at the local district level.  Each district has their mission, and vision.  They know their weaknesses and strengths.  They set their yearly goals to do x, y, and z.  X focuses on math.  Y focuses on reading.  Z focuses on writing.  Typical of Delaware districts based on testing and curriculum. 

But then, the state sets their mission and vision.  Tries to find their weakness and strengths. And set their goals for x, y, and z.  And x, y , and z are also about math, reading and writing. 

So we are spending double time and double money on the same things… WHY?

Most of the time the state uses resources on something and districts don’t like it and then create their own.  This has happened with DPASII many times.  We are wasting time and money. 

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the state to fill in the gaps the district doesn’t fill.  Delaware has done a great job doing that for foreign language.  There is money for immersion programs, something districts could not have done before and districts like the idea and want to do it.

The state may think the districts are not doing a good job.  Well, create programs that schools could apply for to get help in those areas.  But don’t recreate the wheel.  We waste so much money redoing things that don’t need it.  

This is where choice is helpful.  A school doesn’t have special Ed you like, go somewhere else.  

Public schools are trying to be everything for everyone and they can’t.  

Maybe the state should  focus on gaps and not overhauling the whole system every few years.  The idea at the state level rarely makes it to the school, so stop doing it.  Focus on the arts, languages, technical careers, physical fitness and health and special needs.  These are the areas districts would welcome funding and training.  Not in ELA and Math, because they do that already.  Maybe not to the liking of the state, but the state doesn’t have to like it.  The people do.  The people have to live with their schools everyday.  And if people don’t like it.  People will choice out and the school will close.  

An idea…

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