Education today

I just took 4 surveys for DDOE about Delaware education.  It was fun!  I love surveys!!!!

A lot of questions about ratings, profiency, requirements… Sad really. To quantify the human race…

We are all different.  We look different.  We act different.  We live different. We create differently. And it’s all good.  Who wants everyone to be the same?  We are all a part of the fabric of mankind.  We all play a part, have a place, each with equal value.  

Some would say that value must have a weight that is able to be measured.  I say why?  It is what can not be measured in numbers that is the most important so why reduce the human race to numbers, rankings, proficiency levels.  

Success comes in so many forms and success is more about meeting needs than achieving a certain rank.  If there is a need and you meet that need, that is success.  That need may be a heart transplant, or a nice lawn, or help getting off the floor you just fell on.  All needs are all success once met.  

Education needs to focus on improvement.  I know, improvement to who’s standard.  How about movement forward?  

Focus on movement forward to be better than you were yesterday.  Not perfect, not satisufactory, just better.  That is enough, that is success.