What would you do? 

I have had a lot of family crisis lately and finally feel up to the task of writing a post,  a short one. 

A few days  ago I had a student ruin another class for everyone else again for a least the 10th time this year.  This happens more and more with each passing week.  I teach many different 45 minute classes throughout my day.  One behavior issue can ruin a whole class.  But, what do you do?  Yes, I can call the office, but they just come back later or next week and disrupt class again.  Yes, I can call home, for them to come back next week and start all over again.  But,  what will stop the behavior?  I am clueless.  I have been teaching for over 10 years and I use to have some answers, but these behaviors, I am clueless.  So, what would you do? ( by the way a version of these situations I am about to share have all happened in my presence in the past 2 months.)

1.  Student hits another student in the eye with a bag.  I asked student to say sorry and student replied, “I shouldn’t have too.”  I asked, “Why?”  Response, they were saying stuff. 

2. Student opening up cabinets and going through another’s teachers things. 

3.  Student rolling on the floor crying because they do not want to color. 

4. Student found a red crayon on the floor and decided to color on the floor. 

5.  Student stood on a table and held down the receiver of my phone so I could not call their mom. 

6. Students physically shoving each other  and yelling over who would get the bigger pencil. 

7. It took me 30 minutes to get 24 kindergarteners to listen to a story.

8. Student was troubled, not bleeding or sick.  I wanted to help, but they would not say anything to me, just moaned and cried.

I could go on, but I want this to be short.  Yes, these situations are taken out of context, but my class is an oddity for young children.  Elementary children spend all day with one adult, in one classroom and then for 45 minutes they go visit someone else.  A teacher they see only once a week.  I am a good teacher and I try to accommodate the 450 or so students I teach each week.  I am consistent.  I have expectations which I review weekly.  I spends hours planning lessons for students to learn and have fun, but each year it gets harder and harder.  

What would you do?