A big mistake…

Time to wake up…

I am not a big numbers person or into finance and all that, but with the current virus situation going on, numbers seem to be all I hear and see these days.  Each day I check Delaware’s website to see how many people have the virus in our state and which county they are in.  I heard on a live Facebook feed that we have three people in the hospital in critical condition right now.  I feel for those people and hope they pull through.

In 2018, Delaware had a population of 967,171 people, today there is probably a little bit more.  Currently, we have closed down all restaurants, bars, and nonessential stores and starting in two days citizens can only live their houses to go to the grocery store, doctors, pharmacy, gas, and get the essentials.  The Governor sent out a list of which occupations would be closed down, 20% of the jobs offered in Delaware.  Now this doesn’t account for how many people work in each of these occupations.  I can’t guarantee, but I estimate that close to half of our state population or more will not be at work in 2 days.

We are doing all this so a virus doesn’t spread and infect more people.  Doctors estimate that the morality rate of Covid-19 is about 3-5%. Many would get sick, but few would be hospitalized and very few would die.  Delaware has three in critical condition and thatis good compared to other states, but at what cost…

Our state has been turned upside down.  Our national economy and employment is going to places it didn’t even go during the Great Depression.   All to save a few lives, at the expense of everyone else.

I guess you can’t put a price on a life, but the virus is killing older people more.  Older people who have had their chance at a full life.  Both my parents have already died, so I look at this from a different point of view, but regardless, it will take years and years and years to recover from what appears is going to happen.  If we cannot leave home to work, travel, and enjoy life, we are looking at times that have not been seen by Americans ever.  Very few remember the Great Depression and it seems that things will be worse than what people went through in the 1920s-1940s.

I hope this is not the biggest mistake that I will see the United States make.  That I see Delaware make.  That I will see my elders, people who should know more than me and people who should take care of me and my children make.

I am a fixer by nature.  I can take a bad situation and make it better, but I am getting tired of fixing what the Baby Boomers broke.  My parents were baby boomers and I was left to be the executrix of their estates and fix the problems they left behind!  My dad took over a business my grandfather founded and destroyed it.  I am fixing it.  It is taking me a lot of time, stress, and effort, to make this business work, but I will fix it.  It is what I do, but I will be lucky to be left with much because of the decisions of my parents, two baby boomers.  I have heard a few say this virus is the Baby Boomer remover since it seems to be targeting older generations.  It’s targeting the Baby Boomers.

Our leaders are Baby Boomers… Are they trying to save themselves at the expense of the rest of us?  I am a millennial.  I have heard in articles that I am a part of the lost generation.  The generation of college debt, low job prospects, not getting married, not have kids, the beginning of the tech age, but not super integrated users. I see myself as a fixer, unfortunately, a member of the generation left to pick up the pieces.

I want to leave my children better off than I am when I die.  I want them to have a better life than I had.  I don’t want they to clean up my messes!  That use to be the way our country worked, but it seems that my parents and their generation took more than they gave back.  They have had their chance to make a life, don’t ruin my chance. Leaders, please don’t make the biggest mistake of modern history and leave a problem that cannot be fixed.


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