An experiment in digital learning

In my last post, I talked about choices, decisions, mistakes. We will all see what happens. Good or bad, I am here to see what the futures brings. I got this! And you do you! What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!

I am curious to how this experiment in digital learning will go. I had my first Zoom meeting with my AP students last week. It was interesting seeing my students in their spaces and me in mine. I got my teacher clothes on, makeup, did my hair. My male students were themselves, but my female students would not share their video. It is interesting that they were very cautious of their spaces not wanting anyone to see something not quite right or them not completely school ready. You would think they would not care, but they did. Good in my mind. There is hope for the future and privacy isn’t lost forever. I do hope they will share their faces this week. I want to see them. To know they are good and that I am here if they need me. It’s different, but still the same. My students are curious to how they will be graded, what they need to do, and there is me… my three children running around, in my home. I reassure them, explain what I know, and wing the rest. This is a new world, a new normal for teachers and students. It will be curious to see if students will still create and perform at advanced levels. How will these portfolios turn out?

I think my students will be fine, an AP art teacher is more of a guide than a teacher. I advise, I suggest, but the student is the artist. I am there for guidance, so I don’t believe there will be a lot of issues overall. Time will tell. This is a true test of student time management, an experiment in how digital learning can really work in public high schools.

I will be fine. My students will be fine. we use technology a lot and I make students do most things on their own. The only issue I see is materials, but my AP students have their own, so we are good.

Now, when we move to my other classes, it will get trickier, but I think it will be fine too. I got this!

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