Pandemic Art

Untitled, Mixed media, 12×9

Since I have a little bit more time on my hands and it keeps my two daughters occupied, I have been creating art. Being an art teacher, many think I create my own art all the time, but that is so not true. I teach others how to create. I walk around, give advice, grade work, take attendance, make phone calls, etc. I only create as a demonstration of new concepts. The art of creation takes time and thought. You have to be in that mindset to let yourself go and create something from nothing. You really do not need a lot, I am actually using my daughters paints and supplies on nice paper so they do not use my more permanent supplies that make more of a mess. It’s been nice. I need to figure out how to make creating a more permanent part of my life when things go back to normal.

Untitled, Mixed Media, 8.5×11

Just some information about my work in general. I love to create work that create is puzzling, confusing, questionable; in the sense that you don’t know what I did last. I add layer on layer, linking each layer together with line, texture, and color. I usually start with a light background and than add to that.

These pieces and my art in general represent my life journey. My life started out pretty simple and typical of my friends, but then life takes it twists and turns where past meets future, future rewinds and turns into the past. Events repeat and new beginnings are around every bend. Life is exciting, confusing, and there is always something to learn, to see, to enjoy. I will post more when I create them!

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