The Power of a Sketchnote

Sketchnote about the Elements of Art

I love Sketchnotes. I have my students make them all the time. They are pretty much taking notes, but in a more creative, lasting way. I created the one above while listening to an Edmentum tutorial. Since my school has transitioned to digital learning, I have started using this software. It was very easy to create. The company has pre-made course for you to choose from. I was thinking there would not be any art courses, but there was and they even had students creating art. Due to equity, I had to take the creating activities out, but they could be added in later. I did the first tutorial myself and than completed the mastery test. I got a 100%. (I know I’m the teacher…)

Creating the sketchnote was helpful because it reviewed a lot of vocabulary that I use, but not in the detail or direct language of the tutorial. Edmentum has the ability to read all the I information to you. I basically, listened and drew with pencil, erasing as needed. There are quick questions in the tutorial that I stopped to answer and than continued on with my listening, writing, and drawing. When the tutorial was over I took the test and than added color to my Sketchnote.

The color is the best part because as I add color to what I drew before, I revisit the information and remember what was said in the tutorial. This really makes the information stick in your brain. You hear it first. You draw and write second etching the information in your brain. You add color third, solidifying the information to memory. You go over the information three times in one activity. It’s a great way to get information and really digest it your own creative way.

I have created Sketchnotes for many things, presentations, movies, articles, books, meetings, lectures. You name it, you can create a Sketchnote. I am going to hang this Sketchnote in my classroom with the others I will make in the upcoming weeks with Edmentum. Try to make some of your own!

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