Somethings never change…

I have watch Frozen and Frozen 2 so many times since school closed… At least I like these movies, I just heard the song at the beginning that says, “somethings never change…,” and they are right. Here link.

I hate change, but to love the fact I have six people living in my house. I have a four month old who keeps choking herself with her fingers. I have a five year old who spills everything, trips over everything, and wear the weirdest clothing combinations. I have a 13 year old who thinks he is going on 25 and always knows more than everyone. My nephew who just stares at me, we are in this together and a husband who is worse than the three kids put together.

Man I love my life! (Really I do, it’s crazy, but what’s life without an adventure every step of the way.)

What day is it?

After reading this article:

I really like this article because it brings up the point of change. Change is hard for me. I love routine and the patterns of daily life. Unusual for a creative person, but I am unusual anyway.

Most times, you have a crisis or experience trauma and your life changes, but it’s expected because something happened to you that caused change. For most of us today, our life changed, but things seem normal, look normal, so our brain are confused. I know I am more tired now, than I have ever been. And I am doing less than ever… It really doesn’t make any sense.

I hope I can get a bit more energy to be able to survive this mess. But by the time I adjust to this new normal, another normal will be right around the corner. Change…