Somethings never change…

I have watch Frozen and Frozen 2 so many times since school closed… At least I like these movies, I just heard the song at the beginning that says, “somethings never change…,” and they are right. Here link.

I hate change, but to love the fact I have six people living in my house. I have a four month old who keeps choking herself with her fingers. I have a five year old who spills everything, trips over everything, and wear the weirdest clothing combinations. I have a 13 year old who thinks he is going on 25 and always knows more than everyone. My nephew who just stares at me, we are in this together and a husband who is worse than the three kids put together.

Man I love my life! (Really I do, it’s crazy, but what’s life without an adventure every step of the way.)

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